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2/2/2010Click here to download 001. FOIA Log 2009 - All Months Adobe Acrobat document001. FOIA LOG 2009 - ALL MONTHS
11/19/2010Click here to download 002. FOIA Log 2010: January - March Adobe Acrobat document002. FOIA LOG 2010: JANUARY - MARCH
11/19/2010Click here to download 003. FOIA Log 2010: April - June Adobe Acrobat document003. FOIA LOG 2010: APRIL - JUNE
9/30/2010Click here to download 004. FOIA Log 2010: July - September Adobe Acrobat document004. FOIA LOG 2010: JULY - SEPTEMBER
2/22/2011Click here to download 005. FOIA Log 2010: October - December Adobe Acrobat document005. FOIA LOG 2010: OCTOBER - DECEMBER
4/30/2011Click here to download 006. FOIA Log 2011: January - March Adobe Acrobat document006. FOIA LOG 2011: JANUARY - MARCH
6/30/2011Click here to download 008. FOIA Log June 2011 Adobe Acrobat document008. FOIA LOG JUNE 2011
7/1/2011Click here to download 009. FOIA Log July 2011 Adobe Acrobat document009. FOIA LOG JULY 2011
10/31/2011Click here to download 012. FOIA Log October 2011 Adobe Acrobat document012. FOIA LOG OCTOBER 2011
12/1/2011Click here to download 013. FOIA Log November 2011 Adobe Acrobat document013. FOIA LOG NOVEMBER 2011
12/31/2011Click here to download 014. FOIA Log December 2011 Adobe Acrobat document014. FOIA LOG DECEMBER 2011
1/31/2012Click here to download 015. FOIA Log January 2012 Adobe Acrobat document015. FOIA LOG JANUARY 2012
3/31/2012Click here to download 017. FOIA Log March 2012 Adobe Acrobat document017. FOIA LOG MARCH 2012
4/30/2012Click here to download 018. FOIA Log April 2012 Adobe Acrobat document018. FOIA LOG APRIL 2012
5/31/2012Click here to download 019. FOIA Log May 2012 Adobe Acrobat document019. FOIA LOG MAY 2012
6/30/2012Click here to download 020. FOIA Log June 2012 Adobe Acrobat document020. FOIA LOG JUNE 2012
7/31/2012Click here to download 021. FOIA Log July 2012 Adobe Acrobat document021. FOIA LOG JULY 2012
9/1/2012Click here to download 022. FOIA Log August 2012 Adobe Acrobat document022. FOIA LOG AUGUST 2012
10/1/2012Click here to download 023. FOIA Log September 2012 Adobe Acrobat document023. FOIA LOG SEPTEMBER 2012
11/1/2012Click here to download 024. FOIA Log October 2012 Adobe Acrobat document024. FOIA LOG OCTOBER 2012
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