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8/17/2010Click here to download Transportation Check Operations Adobe Acrobat documentTRANSPORTATION CHECK OPERATIONS
12/23/2011Click here to download TN Processing at Ports of Entry Adobe Acrobat documentTN PROCESSING AT PORTS OF ENTRY
3/1/2007Click here to download Secure Detention Procedures at Ports of Entry Adobe Acrobat documentSECURE DETENTION PROCEDURES AT PORTS OF ENTRY
6/12/1986Click here to download Review, Copying and Seizure of Documents Adobe Acrobat documentREVIEW, COPYING AND SEIZURE OF DOCUMENTS
7/1/2003Click here to download Restrictions on Importations of Seditious Matter Adobe Acrobat documentRESTRICTIONS ON IMPORTATIONS OF SEDITIOUS MATTER
8/29/1986Click here to download Restrictions on Importation of Seditious Matter Adobe Acrobat documentRESTRICTIONS ON IMPORTATION OF SEDITIOUS MATTER
9/1/2009Click here to download Responding to Potential Terrorists Seeking Entry into the United States Adobe Acrobat documentRESPONDING TO POTENTIAL TERRORISTS SEEKING ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES
12/30/2007Click here to download Protest/Petition Processing Handbook-HB-3500-08A Adobe Acrobat documentPROTEST/PETITION PROCESSING HANDBOOK-HB-3500-08A
2/1/2002Click here to download Procedures for Examining Documents and Papers Adobe Acrobat documentPROCEDURES FOR EXAMINING DOCUMENTS AND PAPERS
1/31/2008Click here to download Hold Rooms and Short Term Custody Adobe Acrobat documentHOLD ROOMS AND SHORT TERM CUSTODY
11/21/2012Click here to download Guidance on Providing Language Assistance Adobe Acrobat documentGUIDANCE ON PROVIDING LANGUAGE ASSISTANCE
6/1/2004Click here to download DHS  Commitment to Race Neutrality in Law Enforcement Activities Adobe Acrobat documentDHS COMMITMENT TO RACE NEUTRALITY IN LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES
4/22/2011Click here to download Clarification of POE L-1 Petition Processing and Appropriate Filing Fee Collections Adobe Acrobat documentCLARIFICATION OF POE L-1 PETITION PROCESSING AND APPROPRIATE FILING FEE COLLECTIONS
7/16/2008Click here to download CBP Policy Regarding Border Search of Information Adobe Acrobat documentCBP POLICY REGARDING BORDER SEARCH OF INFORMATION
3/18/2009Click here to download CBP Office of Public Affairs Roles, Functions and Responsibilities Adobe Acrobat documentCBP OFFICE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS ROLES, FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES
9/5/2005Click here to download CBP Media and Public Affairs Policy Adobe Acrobat documentCBP MEDIA AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS POLICY
1/18/2013Click here to download CBP Enforcement Actions at or Near Certain Community Locations Adobe Acrobat documentCBP ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS AT OR NEAR CERTAIN COMMUNITY LOCATIONS
5/23/2012Click here to download Automatic Revalidation of Visas Adobe Acrobat documentAUTOMATIC REVALIDATION OF VISAS
11/3/2010Click here to download Accounting Classification and Cash Register Class Code for the new L-1 Additional Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee Adobe Acrobat documentACCOUNTING CLASSIFICATION AND CASH REGISTER CLASS CODE FOR THE NEW L-1 ADDITIONAL FRAUD PREVENTION AND DETECTION FEE
5/8/2012Click here to download 2012-2016 Border Patrol Strategic Plan Adobe Acrobat document2012-2016 BORDER PATROL STRATEGIC PLAN   (Parent Document)
Click here to download Part2.pdf Adobe Acrobat documentpart2.pdf
       Click here to download Part3.pdf Adobe Acrobat documentpart3.pdf
       Click here to download Part4.pdf Adobe Acrobat documentpart4.pdf
       Click here to download Part5.pdf Adobe Acrobat documentpart5.pdf
       Click here to download Part6.pdf Adobe Acrobat documentpart6.pdf
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