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6/1/2018Click here to download JUNE 2018 FOIA LOG Adobe Acrobat documentJUNE 2018 FOIA LOG
4/1/2018Click here to download APRIL 2018 FOIA LOG Adobe Acrobat documentAPRIL 2018 FOIA LOG
2/28/2018Click here to download February 2018 FOIA Log Adobe Acrobat documentFEBRUARY 2018 FOIA LOG
1/30/2018Click here to download January 2018 FOIA Log Adobe Acrobat documentJANUARY 2018 FOIA LOG
12/30/2017Click here to download DECEMBER 2017 FOIA LOG Adobe Acrobat documentDECEMBER 2017 FOIA LOG
11/30/2017Click here to download NOVEMBER 2017 LOG Adobe Acrobat documentNOVEMBER 2017 LOG
10/30/2017Click here to download October 2017 FOIA LOG Adobe Acrobat documentOCTOBER 2017 FOIA LOG
9/30/2017Click here to download SEPTEMBER 2017 FOIA LOG Adobe Acrobat documentSEPTEMBER 2017 FOIA LOG
9/1/2017Click here to download 081. FOIA Log August 2017 Adobe Acrobat document081. FOIA LOG AUGUST 2017
8/1/2017Click here to download 068. FOIA Log July 2016 Adobe Acrobat document068. FOIA LOG JULY 2016
8/1/2017Click here to download 080. FOIA Log July 2017 Adobe Acrobat document080. FOIA LOG JULY 2017
7/1/2017Click here to download 079. FOIA Log June 2017 Adobe Acrobat document079. FOIA LOG JUNE 2017
6/1/2017Click here to download 078. FOIA Log May 2017 Adobe Acrobat document078. FOIA LOG MAY 2017
5/1/2017Click here to download 077. FOIA Log April 2017 Adobe Acrobat document077. FOIA LOG APRIL 2017
4/1/2017Click here to download 040. FOIA Log March 2014 Adobe Acrobat document040. FOIA LOG MARCH 2014
4/1/2017Click here to download 076. FOIA Log March 2017 Adobe Acrobat document076. FOIA LOG MARCH 2017
3/1/2017Click here to download 051. FOIA Log February 2015 Adobe Acrobat document051. FOIA LOG FEBRUARY 2015
3/1/2017Click here to download 075. FOIA Log February 2017 Adobe Acrobat document075. FOIA LOG FEBRUARY 2017
2/1/2017Click here to download 074. FOIA Log January 2017 Adobe Acrobat document074. FOIA LOG JANUARY 2017
1/1/2017Click here to download 073. FOIA Log December 2016 Adobe Acrobat document073. FOIA LOG DECEMBER 2016
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